Hakka Earth Building(福建土楼)


this type of building is round in shape and divided into three classes, small, medium and big. the small ones are usually 2 to 3 stories tall with a single ring. the medium dwelling is usually 3 to 4 stories tall with a large inner open space (single ring) or double rings. the large round building is usually 4 to 5 stories tall consisting of as many as three rings.

  the very small round building has about 12 to 18 rooms, the small ones have 21 to 28 rooms, the medium ones have about 30 to 40 rooms, the large ones have about 42 to 58 rooms, and the super large round buildings have about 60 to 72 rooms.

  two-third of the round building are 3 stories high and hold roughly 20 families or 100 people.

  the round earth building is a "group-oriented" residence, usually with one main entrance. its wall is usually around 1 meter thick. the main entrance door is padded with iron sheet and is locked by 2 horizontal wood bars. the wooden bars retract into the walls in order to open the door. in the event the wood bars are sawed through, the locking mechanism is still intact.

  inside the entrance is a huge central courtyard where all the doors of the rooms and inner windows are open to.

  at the ground level except the hall and the staircases, the rooms are used as kitchens and dining rooms. the rooms on the second floor are used for storage. the rooms on the 3rd level are used as bedrooms. the rooms in each level are identical. in front of each room, there is an open round hallway and usually there are 4 staircases to move from one level to another.

  please watch the video from ecpod





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