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H-CAT™  Facts from Roger Paul

  • H-CAT™ does not involve the use of opposite channel information or phase inversion or crosstalk.
  • H-CAT™ does not use negative feed back (NFB) to remove distortion.
  • H-CAT™ is 100% pure analog and has no sampling or digitizing of any kind.
  • H-CAT™ is the only amplifier that can sync its output velocity to Mach One.     

The bottom line is simply to be in the same room with this technology and to listen for yourself. When properly set up - the playback electronics including your speakers will "disappear" and the air in your listening room will be magically "spliced" to the air at the original venue - ranging from an intimate booth to a full size concert hall with an unlimited number of instruments, each occupying their own space. 

Unlike conventional systems - no matter how complex the score, the natural display of this acoustic image will remain totally stable. Adjusting the volume simply changes your proximity to the projected performance. 

No other designer can make this claim.


   Proudly made in the USA

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